Evapotranspiration tank, constructed to collect and treat waste from a rural primary school in Brazil.

Green Toilet Project - Case Study at Rural School in São Domingos - Espera Feliz, Brazil

As winners of the Swiss Water Partnership Youth Water Challenge we were granted seed funding and completed our first project in Espera Feliz, Brazil. In this project we designed and implemented an ecological wastewater treatment system for the State School Fazenda Paraíso - São Domingos using a participatory approach. Watch our instroduction video and read our final project report by downloading the file below!

Project Partners for Design and Implementation

● Federal University of Viçosa (UFV)

● Fazenda Paraíso State School

● Sanitation Research and Extension Group of the Federal University of Viçosa (GESan)

● Center of Alternative Technology of the Zona da Mata Mineira (CTA-ZM)


● Swiss Water Partnership Youth (SWP Youth)

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